Nature Books for Children, great selection ranging from different animals, trees, planet earth, our body, pets

Nature Books for Children, great for children to learn all about Nature, great rang of books on different animals, trees, planet earth, our body, pets and more. Get the children out and about when you can and use these books to learn about nature, earth and the planets. Excellent eductional books.
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My Tourist Guide to the Centre

Take a trip to the very centre of the Earth with DK&s My Tourist GuideMy Tourist Guide to the Centre of the Earth takes you on a learning journey of a lifetime.
€21.98 €19.98

Wild Animals

This series teaches children about animals.
€19.69 €17.69

Bear Grylls World Adventure Survival Camp

Do you know how to cope with searing heat and intense cold? Can you find food and water in the wild? Avoid deadly diseases? Fight back against man-eating beasts? This book will teach you everything you need to know to cope in all weather and terrain.
€15.99 €14.14

Bear Grylls Extreme Planet

Whats the longest place name? Where is the scariest place to stand because youre most likely to be struck by lightening? Whats the most dangerous food to eat? This book is a whirlwind tour of the globe seeking out the highest deepest wildest thinnest coolest hottest scariest and smelliest things on the planet.
€18.20 €14.25

My Naturama Nature Journal

My Naturama Nature Journal
€14.99 €11.49

Were Going on a Bear Hunt My Adventure Field Guide

Were Going on a Bear Hunt My Adventure Field Guide
€8.99 €7.52

Were Going On a Bear Hunt My Explorers Journal

Were Going On a Bear Hunt My Explorers Journal
€10.99 €9.72

Big Book Of Animals

Big Book Of Animals
€12.99 €10.60


Ever wondered how many spots a ladybird has? What it eats? How high it can fly? This sweet and stylish lift-the-flap book reveals all the fascinating facts about every childs favourite minibeast: the ladybird. Featuring charming illustrations by Bernadette Gervais delightful nested flaps and a fun spot-the-difference activity The Ladybird is the perfect introduction to nature for young children and will encourage little explorers everywhere to take a closer look at the world around them.
€12.60 €9.86

Tractor Ultimate Sticker Book

Take the driving seat as you go through the fields and move around the farmyard! Have fun creating your own stories with the easy-peel stickers that can be used again and again.
€5.60 €4.38


Each of these little books is packed with information delivering a comprehensive insight into a key subject area. The text is presented in the form of accessible bulleted facts and amazing fact panels add extra interest.
€3.99 €3.52

Everything birds of prey

From eagles to falcons and talons to beaksEverything Birds of Prey introduces readers to the world's most ferocious fliers.
€12.05 €9.49

Total tractor!

From exciting vintage tractors and farming machines to the latest state-of-the-art John Deere Total Tractor presents these mighty machines in all their glory. Travel through time with the pictures of tractors through the ages. Discover historic steam engines in fascinating detail and follow their development right up to the present day. Total Tractor reveals essential facts and stats including pulling power tyre size and much more.
€14.00 €10.95

Utterly amazing human body

This is an eye-catching pop-up book that teaches kids how the human body works. Professor Robert Winston unravels the mysteries of the human body through pop-ups pull-outs flaps sliders and incredible facts to make learning about the human body fun and interactive.
€21.00 €16.45

First Sticker Book Nature

A simple sticker book which will allow little children to build their own countryside scenes. As they fix hundreds of stickers of animals plants bugs birds and flowers to add to a range of habitats children will be learning about the natural world - as well as practising vital motor skills that are essential for learning to write.
€7.00 €5.48

What the ladybird heard next

Once upon a farm lived a ladybird. And these are the things that she saw and heard. Those crafty robbers Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len are out of jail and theyre heading back to the farm with another cunning plan to cause trouble. Theyve been stealing eggs from the fat red hen but now theyre setting their sights higher and are planning to steal the fat red hen herself! Fortunately the quiet clever ladybird is on their trail and she and her farm animal friends have a plan of their own.
€9.80 €7.68

Wee Gallery Activity Books: Do

Join Dog as he gets ready to meet his friends for an exciting day out at the park. Wee Gallery books combine simple eye-catching design with clear early-learning concepts that keep pre-schoolers engaged for hours.
€12.60 €9.86


Open your eyes to the wonders of Irish nature. 
€22.99 €20.34


"A great introduction to the most fascinating elements of science and its role in our everyday lives.
€9.80 €7.68

The world

Fascinating Facts: The World helps introduce children to the world around them by making learning fun and full of facts. Packed with information and brought to life with colourful illustrations the series covers everything a curious child needs to know about a huge range of topics including famous landmarks cultures and different countries.
€9.80 €7.68

Solar system

Fascinating Facts: Solar System is an exciting introduction to the planets of our Solar System with fascinating facts about Earth the Milky Way and space. Discover how many moons orbit the dwarf planet Pluto and learn all about the biggest star in our Solar System the Sun.
€9.80 €7.68


Fascinating Facts: Animals helps introduce children to marine mammals birds of prey and the different types of animals that roam our Earth. From amphibians to butterflies youll learn all about the evolution of some of the worlds greatest predators and plant eaters.
€9.80 €7.68

The detective dog

There once was a dog with a keen sense of smell. She was known far and wide as Detective Dog Nell. Peters dog Nell has an amazing sense of smell. Whether its finding a lost shoe or discovering who did a poo on the new gravel path her ever-sniffing nose is always hard at work. But Nell has other talents too. Every Monday she goes to school with Peter and listens to children read. So who better to have on hand when they arrive one morning to discover that the schools books have all disappeared! Who could have taken them? And why? Theres only one dog for the job and Detective Dog Nell is ready to sniff out the culprit!
€16.80 €13.15

Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal!

From the wings of the almighty albatross to the deadly facts of the great white shark Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal! transports you into the jaw-dropping heart-thumping pulse-racing world of the animal kingdom. Bursting with amazing 3D images the animals are brought to life from the tiniest of crustaceans to the mightiest of mammals.
€23.80 €18.65