Childrens Irish Fiction for 5 to 8yrs, great titles of Irish books on Irelands online kids books shop

Childrens Irish Fiction for 5 to 8yrs, great titles of Irish books on Irelands online kids books shop. We love to see Irish books for children sold on the website, we support all Irish authors. If you would like to see your Irish books sold on the website give us a call.
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Meet the Fairies in My Back Yard educates young readers on the many types of plants and flowers in their garden, as well as the beautiful fairy folk who live amongst their leaves.
€14.29 €12.29

Beelicious recipes with honey

Easy to make, even easier to eat, bright and happy; Beelicious recipes with Honey is more than a welcome addition to your cookery book collection.
€11.22 €9.22

Roddy Doyle Bind-up: The Giggl

Join Rover the wonder-dog and the eccentric but lovable Mack family as they get into one madcap adventure after the other! The poo is about to hit the shoe.
€11.20 €8.77

Danny Brown & The Talking Teeth

Danny Brown & The Talking Teeth
€6.99 €6.18

No Shoes for Tom!

Tom just HATES wearing shoes! He has such fun with his bare toes.
€6.99 €6.18

Muckeen the Pig

Muckeen loves being dirty and muddy.
€6.99 €6.18

Sinead the Dancer

Sinead wants to learn dancing but what type? Irish dancing? Ballet? Sinead just doesnt fit in.
€6.99 €6.18

Tina and the Tooth Fairy

Tina is always in trouble! And the tooth fairy? She is never in trouble.
€6.99 €6.18

Granny Makes a Mess!

Why does everyone blame Danny for the mess when Granny did it? Panda 12
€6.99 €6.18

Dannys Sick Trick

Danny hates Auntie Bessies dinners so much that he decides to get sick so that he wont have to visit her! Another hilarious Danny story.
€6.99 €6.18

Grannys Secret

Can Danny keep Grannys secret until Mums birthday? What do you think? Panda 21
€6.99 €6.18

Jenny the Little Brown Hen

Another gift from Dolores Keaveney is the wonderful picture book , Jenny the Little Brown Hen.
€11.22 €9.22

The Adventures of Jenny, Sylvester And Their Six Little Chicks

Illustrated with vibrant pictures bursting with colour, Dolores Keaveney spins a sensitive story of lazy hens and Summer days, great adventures, and the warmth of home.
€11.99 €9.99