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Cupla Focal Gaeilge

Activity book in Irish
€4.52 €3.52

Dandy Summer Special

Dandy Summer Special
€7.02 €6.02

Collins School Thesaurus

This new edition of Collins School Thesaurus is an essential reference tool for all students.
€9.42 €8.42

Collins School Dictionary

Give yourself a head start!<br/> Collins School Dictionary is the perfect companion for all students aged 10-14.
€9.42 €8.42

Suicide Squad. Volume 2 Basili

As the surviving Squad members attempt to recover from their disastrous Gotham City mission we learn a dark secret that has been festering in the team since issue `1: a traitor stalks the Suicide Squad! The saboteur's mission: Assassinate Amanda Waller expose the Squad and leave Task Force X in ruins! The Basilisk strikes!
€16.65 €15.65

Wuthering Heights

HarperCollins is proud to present its range of best-loved essential classics.
€4.02 €3.02

Oxford Study Italian Dictionar

·Colour headwords and virtual alphabet tabs alphabet strip on every page for easy navigation<br/> ·Clear examples show the words in context<br/> ·Help with grammar<br/> ·Expressions and idioms highlighted<br/> ·Masculine and feminine forms given clearly<br/> ·Introduction on how to use the dictionary
€18.62 €17.62

The Harry Clarke Colouring Boo

"Harry Clarke was Irelands greatest stained-glass artist and an illustrator of genius whose works have been collectors items for decades.
€9.83 €8.83

Dc Comics - The Ultimate Chara

Meet your favourite DC heroes and villains with this essential A-Z character guideFrom Batman to Wonder Woman the DC Comics Character Guide tells you everything you need to know about all your favourite heroes and villains.
€13.03 €12.03

Start to Stitch

Textile craft is easy and fun.
€29.85 €28.85

Understanding the Facts of Lif

The Facts of Life now available with a new cover revised text and a number of picture revisions is the best book available on the subject.
€13.03 €12.03

Wild Animals

This series teaches children about animals.
€18.69 €17.69

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity

This book contains clear instructions and illustrations that demonstrate<br/> how to create different bracelet styles and patterns.
€19.45 €18.45

Girls Big Book of Holiday Fun

Girls Big Book of Holiday Fun
€12.15 €11.15

Collins Latin Dictionary

The Collins Gem Latin Dictionary offers the learner of Latin extensive coverage of Latin and English in a compact portable format.
€8.23 €7.23