Kids Jokes, silly and fun for children to get a laugh and enjoy with friends and family

Fun Books on Jokes for children to enjoy again and again with friends or family. No more relying on the Christmas crackers for the years supply of jokes, get the children into the joke books.
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Locker hero

"A brand-new series from #1 bestsellingDork Diaries author Rachel Renee Russell! Introducing Max Crumbly the new Dork on the block.
€17.22 €12.37

The Beano: Official Sticker Book

This first ever Beano Official Sticker Book is packed to the rafters with puzzles, activities, funnies and over 1,000 stickers of all your Beano favourites, from Dennis and Gnasher to Calamity James and the Bash Street Kids.
€3.99 €3.52

Roald Dahls Marvellous Joke Book

Roald Dahl was always full of fun and mischief and loved all kinds of jokes - the sillier the better! Here is a marvellous collection of Roald Dahl' favourites, along with hilarious jokes from today' leading comedians and from children around the country.
€7.90 €6.02

Marge in charge

"Isla Fisher is hilarious David Walliams Meet Marge the mischievous babysitter with rainbow hair who loves to make a mess and bend the rules .
€10.68 €7.06

Roald Dahls whizzpopping joke

"Roald Dahls Whizzpopping Joke Book is a collection of hundreds of great jokes would make even the Trunchbull laugh! Inspired by Roald Dahls wonderful world these gigglesome gags are guaranteed to raise a chuckle from human beans young and old.
€11.78 €7.95

Disney Muppets Joke Book

€3.99 €3.52

Moone boy. The blunder years

Successful film and TV star Chris O' Dowd collaborates with friend and screenwriter Nick Vincent Murphy in Moone Boy: The Blunder Years the first in this hilarious illustrated series.
€11.05 €8.42


"Who else but the Irish can perform minor miracles with a prayer to St Anthony? Or truly appreciate the medicinal purposes of flat 7Up? Not to mention the front room chipper chips and the bad pint.
€10.99 €9.72

The Bumper Book of Very Silly Jokes

Hundreds of silly jokes on every topic you can think of! <p style="margin-top: 0">What' the difference between an elephant and a biscuit? You cant dunk an elephant in your tea.
€9.50 €7.23

Horrid Henrys lucky dip

"Following in the footsteps of previous gift books (HHS DREADFUL DEEDS HHS HOUSE OF HORRORS HH RULES THE WORLD HHS EVIL ENEMIES HHS WICKED WAYS HHS BIG BAD BOOK HH SHOWS WHOS BOSS HHs TRICKY TRICKS) enjoy the best of Horrid Henry in this compilation of ten favourite stories with brand new Tony Ross artwork and exclusive extras by Francesca Simon.
€20.55 €15.65

Rumble in the Jungle

Come into the jungle for a noisy rhyming romp packed with favourite animals, from tigers to chimpanzees, brought to life with fun, vibrant artwork.
€11.05 €8.42

Horrid Henry and the mega-mean

"Early Readers are stepping stones from picture books to reading books.
€7.90 €6.02

Batman Friend Or Foe? Ultimate Sticker Book

Meet the caped crusader' allies and enemies in this sticker adventure.
€3.99 €3.52

Asterix and the Picts

When Asterix and Obelix rescue a mysterious Pict named MacAroon they must journey to Caledonia now Scotland to return him to his lady love Camomilla the adopted daughter of the old king.
€12.65 €9.63

Wonder Woman - an origin story

"She was once a young princess on the secret island inhabited by warrior women known as the Amazons.
€9.50 €7.23

The Mammoth Book of Really Sil

The biggest and best collection of jokes for all the family to enjoy.
€11.05 €8.42


Readers can discover all the foul facts about Ireland, includingwhy wax models were captured and made Prisoners of War, which warriorswent to battle naked, and how to make yourself invisible.
€12.65 €9.63

Horrid Henrys Hilariously Horrid Joke Book

Laugh your way through every day of the year with Horrid Henry as he presents 365 hilarious jokes for every possible occasion .
€7.90 €6.02

Dc Comics - The Ultimate Chara

Meet your favourite DC heroes and villains with this essential A-Z character guideFrom Batman to Wonder Woman the DC Comics Character Guide tells you everything you need to know about all your favourite heroes and villains.
€15.80 €12.03

Horrid Henrys Biggest and Bes

The first three Horrid Henry joke books - HORRID HENRY&S JOKE BOOK HORRID HENRY&S MIGHTY JOKE BOOK and HORRID HENRY&S JOLLY JOKE BOOK - collected together in one outrageously funny bumper volume.
€11.05 €8.42

Kian and Jc

"From personalities and entertainers Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen comes a completely wild and entirely true account of their rise to internet fame:Kian and Jc: Dont Try This at Home!More than 7 million YouTube subscribers 5 million Twitter followers and 5 million Instagram followers cannot wait for this sometimes hilarious sometimes awkward and always crazy collection of stories interviews and exclusive photos.
€16.05 €12.23

Horrid Henrys World Records

Welcome to World Records - Horrid Henry style! #60;br /#62; #60;br /#62; #60;br /#62; #60;br /#62;Horrid Henrys gizmo collection is a massive 643.
€7.90 €6.02

The Horrible History of Britain and Ireland

Another lavish production for Xmas - this time the Wicked Historyof Britain in full colour.
€15.80 €12.03

Finn and Jakes am-ooo-sing jo

Get ready for some kick-butt comedy with this mathematical book of jokes from the Land of Ooo! Led by Finn and Jake this totally rhombus joke book features laugh-out-loud funnies from everyone's favourite Adventure Time characters - Princess Bubblegum Marceline Ice King Lumpy Space Princess and more.
€9.50 €7.23

Deadly Days in History

Deadly Days in History is the most horrible Horrible Histories book<br/> yet.
€15.80 €12.03

Horrid Henrys Joke Book

Horrid Henry has collected all of his favourite jokes and is itching to share them.
€8.45 €5.85

Puppy love

"When the animal shelter Brandon volunteers at is too full to take a litter of abandoned puppies Nikki decides to look after them until the shelter has more room.
€11.78 €7.95

The Captain Underpants Annual

"A fantastic full colour annual bursting with jokes perilous puzzles and the all-time silliest things to do EVER! Find out how to draw your favourite characters and make your very own comic books complete with world-famous cheesy animation technique FLIP-O-RAMA!"
€12.65 €10.77

They let me write a book!

"Allow me to introduce myself.
€15.80 €13.46

The fish detective

"Successful film and TV star Chris O Dowd collaborates with friend and fellow screenwriter Nick Vincent Murphy on Moone Boy 2: The Fish Detective the second in this hilarious illustrated series inspired by the Sky TV series they co-wrote.
€17.40 €13.25