Childrens Irish Fiction for 9 to 12 yrs, great titles of Irish books on Irelands online kids books shop

Childrens Irish Fiction for 9 to 12 yrs, great titles of Irish books on Irelands online kids books shop. We love to see Irish books for children sold on the website, we support all Irish authors. If you would like to see your Irish books sold on the website give us a call.
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Under the Hawthorn Tree

The first book in the famine trilogy Under the Hawthorn Tree is Irelands top selling childrens book and a classic for young readers worldwide.
€8.99 €7.39

Wildflower Girl

The second book in the famine trilogy At seven Peggy made a terrifying journey through famine-stricken Ireland.
€8.99 €7.39

Fôeile Fever

Danny Wilde and his teammates are finding the Under-14s Division tough going.
€8.99 €7.39

A Girl Called Blue

The orphanage is the only home Blue has ever known.
€8.99 €7.39

Fields of Home

The final book in the famine trilogy For Eily Michael and Peggy the memory of the famine is still strong.
€8.99 €7.39

Faraway Home

Two Jewish children are sent from Nazi-occupied Austria to a refugee farm in Northern Ireland.
€8.99 €7.39

Across the Divide

When Liam a poor eleven-year-old boy and Nora a rich ten-year-old girl meet at a Feis Ceol an unlikely bond is formed - a bond that leads to a friendship spanning the deeply divided city that was Dublin in 1913.
€8.99 €7.39

Friend or foe?

When Emer Daly saves Jack Madigan from drowning it seems that the two children will be friends for life.
€8.99 €7.39

Rebellion and Revolution - Thr

Rebellion and Revolution - Thr
€7.99 €6.56

In Deep Dark Wood

When Bella Blackwell moves in next door life takes a frightening and thrilling turn for Mia.
€8.99 €7.95

The Young Rebels

A stirring story set against the background of the 1916 Rising.
€8.99 €7.39

The Real Rebecca

Rebeccas mum Rosie writes books for adults but when she writes a novel for teens everyone thinks its based on her daughter! Rebecca is horrified and vows to prove that she is different.
€8.99 €7.95

Benny and Omar

Moving to Tunisia is a real eye-opener for a young Wexford hurling fan.
€7.95 €6.53

Little Croker

Danny Wilde wants one thing more than anything else in the world and thats to get his GAA team Littlestown Crokes to the top of the League.
€8.99 €7.95

The Time Spell

It all started when Lauren got a cat.
€8.40 €6.10

The Mystery Tour

Lauren and Tilly discover the dangers of the Second World War when Saturn transports them to London just as its being evacuated!
€8.40 €6.10

Rebecca Rocks

Holidays mean no school for THREE months! Rebeccas band Hey Dollface are going to a summer camp to become total rock stars.
€8.99 €7.39

Evas Journey

Eva is the girl with everything.
€8.99 €7.95