Books on Space for children, learn all about the astronomy, encyclopedias on space, lots to explore. What young boy doesn't enjoy the space stories, these books are up their with the dinosaurs.
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Big Questions About The Universe

The questions in this book were curated by the staff at Londons Royal Observatory to address all the most common - and a few uncommon - things that children want to know about the universe and about outer space. It covers a mixture of basic questions about planets moons human exploration and the origins of the universe as well as tackling really BIG questions such as How do Black Holes work Is it worth going to space? and Whats going to happen at the end of time? Join two curious children and a robot programmed with all the answers as they guide readers through some of the most mind-boggling facts and a refreshingly honest take on what things we simply dont know and how to approach questions that dont have simple straight answers.

Eyewitness Universe

Become an eyewitness to outer space and beyond in this picture-led reference guide that will take you on a visual tour of the Universe. Children will be mesmerised by how past present and future space exploration has helped our understanding of the Sun our Solar System rocky planets gas giants and explosive stars. This illustrated guide for kids aged 9 gives an insight into far-off galaxies and out-of-this-world objects captured by powerful space telescopes. Striking photographs and detailed illustrations help you learn the secrets of pulsars and black holes and how they are created by dead stars.

First space encyclopedia

Zoom off into the galaxy and investigate all the planets from Earth to Mars with First Space Encyclopedia.

Planets Board Book

An enchanting introduction to Holsts famous orchestral suite based on the planets in the Solar System. Press the buttons embedded in the pages to hear the specially arranged music while exploring the mysterious world of space.

Solar System

This guide to the solar system launches 7 to 9 year olds on a breathtaking journey into space through illustrations photographs and fascinating information. An introduction for young readers who want to learn about our local star - the Sun - and the planets that orbit it. Starting with the birth of the Sun and the solar system readers continue on a journey through space. They discover the smallest planet rocky Mercury which is closest to the Sun and Venus the hottest planet. There is also Mars with its polar ice caps and volcanoes and Jupiter with its swirling storm clouds. Then readers venture further into space to explore the icy giants of outer space.

Stargazing For Kids

This childrens guide to stargazing includes an introduction to astronomy a discussion of objects in the sky and a section on constellations.