History Books for Children, huge range of information from Vikings, Knights, World Histories, Horrible Histories, 20th Century

Childrens History Books here you will find a great selection of interesting Histories ranging from Vikings, Knights, Titanic, World Histories, Horrible Histories, 20th Century. Get the head start in school by getting books where history is made that bit more interesting.
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Roald Dahl dictionary

A dictionary of real and invented words used by the worlds best storyteller.
€21.00 €15.27

Oliver Cromwell Most Hated Man In Irish History

Oliver Cromwell Most Hated Man In Irish History P/B
€8.99 €7.39

Emmeline (Emmeline Pankhurst) (First Names)

Before every great person made their wonderful achievements they were just like you and me.
€9.80 €7.13

Great Voyages

From Marco Polo and Magellan to Shackleton and Armstrong Great Voyages takes the reader on fifteen of the most exhilarating and heroic journeys ever made.
€21.00 €15.27

The diary of Anne Frank

Sensitively edited the abridged edition of The Diary of Anne Frank gives younger readers their first introduction to the extraordinary diary of an ordinary girl who has long become a household name.
€11.20 €8.14

Herstory 50 Women Who Aade The World a Better Place

Instead of just studying history lets think about HerStory too! In this uplifting and inspiring book children can learn about 50 intrepid women from around the world and throughout history.
€23.80 €17.31

Survivors A True Life Titanic Story

Survivors A True Life Titanic Story P/B
€8.99 €7.39

Roald Dahls Marvellous Joke Book

Roald Dahl was always full of fun and mischief and loved all kinds of jokes - the sillier the better! Here is a marvellous collection of Roald Dahls favourites along with hilarious jokes from todays leading comedians and from children around the country.
€7.00 €5.09

The Diary of a Young Girl

In July 1942 thirteen-year-old Anne Frank and her family fleeing the horrors of Nazi occupation went into hiding in an Amsterdam warehouse.
€11.20 €8.14

The Diary of a Young Girl

A timeless story rediscovered by each new generation The Diary of a Young Girl continues to bring to life the experiences of Anne Frank who for a time survived the worst horror the modern world had seen.
€11.20 €8.14

Michael Collins

Michael Collins P/B
€5.99 €4.91