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Maryam the nurse fairy

Maryam the Nurse Fairy helps nurses in Fairyland and the real world to care for their patients. But when her magical fob watch is stolen nurses everywhere become forgetful and unorganised. Can Rachel and Kirsty help Maryam to restore order to the hospitals before the nurses forget their patients?

Hugh Dunnit Mystery Taking Shelter

Hugh Dunnit may be a schoolboy but that doesnt stop him from cracking the toughest cases. Like the case of the shredded maths homework. Sure lesser minds might collar Hughs new dog Shelter. But Hugh knows theres more to sniff out. Working through the suspects Hugh digs up a bigger mystery: just where does Shelter come from?

Sally Go Round the Stars

A major beautifully-illustrated collection of favourite nursery rhymes known and loved throughout Ireland. It includes favourite international British and Irish rhymes as well as special Irish favourites.  

Incredible True Stories 2 Tragedy At Sea

Discover the astonishing facts about the Titanic and how it came to a catastrophic end in this illustrated accessible and riveting account of one of historys most famous disasters.

Climate Action

Learn about how climate change is affecting our world explore the human impact and read about bright ideas for tackling climate breakdown. But above all be inspired by young changemakers and discover all the different ways to take action.

Pip And Posy At The Party Board Book

Pip and Posy are playing hide-and-seek at the party but Posy cant find Pip anywhere. Can you help her find her friend? This sturdy board book is the perfect birthday gift for little hands that will love exploring (and tugging on the soft felt flaps!) while they look for Pip and Posy on every page.

This Is How We Get Ready Board Book

Getting ready in the morning can be a bit of a struggle. No matter what grown-ups tell you being little is hard work; theres so much to learn - from remembering to brush your teeth even when you dont feel like it to tying your shoelaces and finding the right hole for each arm in a jumper and a whole bunch of other things too. And if your days arent extremely busy enough with all of this getting ready and some very important playing before you know it youll have to fit all of this in and go to school! This book will guide you along the way by teaching you the skills you need to look after yourself and get ready for the day ahead.

First Magic Painting Farm

Filled with simple stylish images designed to appeal to young children. Just brush water over the bold black and white designs to watch a sturdy tractor a smiling scarecrow and a cheepy chick burst into colour.