Non Fiction Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Books, encyclopedias full of Dinosaur facts, Sticker books, how to draw Dinosaurs and books full of facts all about Dinosaurs. What child doesn't love dinosaurs, these books would be an excellent compliment to the latest movie out, walking with dinosaurs. Very popular in our house.
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199 Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Animals Board Book

199 Dinosaurs And Prehistoric Animals Board Book

Adventure with dinosaurs

Little Miss Curious has found a footprint.

Axel Scheffers Flip Flap Dinosaurs Board Book

What do you get if you cross a mighty Tyrannosaurus rex with a fearsome Triceratops? Its a Tyrannotops of course! And how about a giant Diplodocus with a soaring Pterodactyl? Why thats a Diplodactyl! With over 121 possible prehistoric creations silly names and strange noises to make you giggle this book is perfect for preschoolers and ideal for dinosaur fans.

Dinosaur Phototicular Book

Dinosaur Phototicular Book H/B

Dinosaur Roar

Celebrate 30 years of Dinosaur Roar! with this anniversary edition of a beloved childrens classic. With rhythmic rhyming text and exuberant illustrations this much-loved picture book will delight dinosaur fans young and old alike.

Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Life

This collection of amazing dinosaurs plants and other prehistoric life will wow children and many adults too. Showcasing more than 90 remarkable fossils such as a fearsome Tyrannosaurus skull delicate fern leaf and perfectly preserved woolly mammoth everyone will find something to be captivated by. Each plant or animal is shown both photographically and illustrated and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images.

Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book

Dinosaurs Magic Painting Book P/B

Everything Dinosaurs

Packed with facts and tantalising anecdotes from experts and bursting with colour photographs learn all about dinosaurs in this fresh take on the subject that kids with love.

First Sticker Book Dinosaurs

Journey back to prehistoric times and meet lots of amazing dinosaurs from the toothy T-Rex to the powerful Diplodocus with this bright and colourful sticker book. Learn how the Maiasaura protected her eggs which gigantic prehistoric animals lived underwater and more whilst decorating the scenes using the 200 stickers provided.

Little Childrens Dinosaur Act

A riveting activity book for young children to dig into.

My Book of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life

From the first living cells to fearsome dinosaurs and giant mammals take a journey through prehistory to find out about the supersized the scary and the downright bizarre animals and plants that inhabited Earth in ancient times. Broken down by plant or animal type there are profiles on 50 key species with famous favourites such as mighty Tyrannosaurus and huge woolly mammoths as well as lesser-known organisms including sail-backed Dimetrodon and aeroplane-sized pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus. Learn about the primeval world itself and how the Earth has changed over time how fossils form and the arrival of early humans. Detailed artworks bring the past to life while pronunciation guides help with tricky names and a visual index provides a quick overview of all the key species in the book.

Pop Up Planet Dinosaurs

A beautifully illustrated gift book with five pop-up scenes.


Meet Megalodon and more of the biggest coolest and creepiest marine animals from the prehistoric era!Teeth tails and scales-oh my! Newly independent readers will be transported back to a time when bugs were big and monsters ruled the deep. Each page of this dazzling Level 2 reader is packed with jaw-dropping facts on the fiercest predators of the ancient oceans. Learn about Megalodon the largest shark ever to have lived; Jaekelopterus a human-size scorpion; Helicoprion a fish whose teeth were in the shape of a circular saw; and more!National Geographic Readers feature engaging text carefully vetted by expert educators and accompanied by magnificent National Geographic photography. Level 2 books feature more challenging text to help readers build their confidence skills and vocabulary. Featuring incredible illustrations by renowned paleo-illustrator Franco Tempesta and some of the coolest species of prehistoric marin

There are 101 Dinosaurs in This Book Board Book

A novelty board book with flip-flap pages for pre-schoolers packed with dinosaurs and early learning activities.

What Dinosaur Am I Board Book

Which dinosaur has feet like an elephant? Which dinosaur honks like a car? Which dinosaur has teeth the size of bananas? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more in this fun lift-the-flap book. Read the clues and lift the flaps to discover what colourful dinosaur species is on each page.

World Of Dinosaur Roar Dinosaur Roar Board Book

Dinosaur Roar has many different types of roar but what does each one mean? Meet the most roar-some Tyrannosaurus rex and his many friends in this fun and colourful prehistoric adventure.

World Of Dinosaur Roar Dinosaur Stomp Board Book

Even dinosaurs need a friend or two as this dinosaur discovers in this prehistoric tale. Part of a collectable storybook series that introduces children aged 3 to a cast of colourful dinosaur characters each book has been developed in association with the Natural History Museum ensuring that the stories feature authentic dinosaur designs fun facts and a useful pronunciation guide.

World Of Dinosaurs See Inside

See Inside the World of Dinosaurs is an exciting and innovative book which allows children to peep inside the world of dinosaurs to discover where dinosaurs lived their many different shapes and sizes and who they shared their world with.