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Everything Dinosaurs

Packed with facts and tantalising anecdotes from experts and bursting with colour photographs learn all about dinosaurs in this fresh take on the subject that kids with love.


Meet Megalodon and more of the biggest coolest and creepiest marine animals from the prehistoric era!Teeth tails and scales-oh my! Newly independent readers will be transported back to a time when bugs were big and monsters ruled the deep. Each page of this dazzling Level 2 reader is packed with jaw-dropping facts on the fiercest predators of the ancient oceans. Learn about Megalodon the largest shark ever to have lived; Jaekelopterus a human-size scorpion; Helicoprion a fish whose teeth were in the shape of a circular saw; and more!National Geographic Readers feature engaging text carefully vetted by expert educators and accompanied by magnificent National Geographic photography. Level 2 books feature more challenging text to help readers build their confidence skills and vocabulary. Featuring incredible illustrations by renowned paleo-illustrator Franco Tempesta and some of the coolest species of prehistoric marin