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Thomas Leeds
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Jayben And The Star Glass

Jayben has realised his destiny as the Ninth Dreamer; he is the only one with the power to defeat Null the villain who has been making everyone in the Elf World forget but the Golden Torch has been stolen. Without it Jayben must find another way to harness his power. When Jayben finds a golden gemstone he struggles to recall its significance. But a wise captain on board a great ship tells him that its an enchanted Star Glass gemstone which could make Jayben powerful enough to defeat Nulls wickedness once and for all. But Null is on the way to the sweltering desert of Fellooz where there is an ancient tomb full of Star Glass gems which will make Null three times more powerful with a single touch if held under the magical light of the impending solar eclipse. Can Jayben beat Null to the tomb before the eclipse - and will he harness his powers before Null wipes everyones memories for ever?