Meredith Adamo

Meredith Adamo
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Not Like Other Girls

Jo used to be the perfect high-school girl - class president popular bright and successful. But when nude photos of her were leaked to the entire school her grades plummeted her friends fell away and now shes a reckless difficult social outcast. The girl who deserved it. Then her former best friend Maddie disappears. Everyone else assumes Maddie has just run away but that doesnt add up to Jo. To discover the truth Jo needs to get back in with the group of classmates who have shut her out: the boys who betrayed her and the clique of girls who whisper behind her back. And she has to make it look as if she wants to be there. The only way back in is through Hudson. An old fling with his own reasons for finding Maddie he persuades Jo to fake date him. And it works. But as the truth about Maddies disappearance comes to light so do long-hidden secrets from Jos past.